• What serving temperature do you recommend for Oak Leaf Vineyards wines?

    For red wines, room temperature is recommended, about 65°F/18°C. If the weather is really warm, then chilling the wine in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes prior to serving is suggested. Light reds, such as White Zinfandel and full-bodied whites are most flavorful slightly chilled, around 57°F/14°C. Crisp whites like Pinot Grigio taste best chilled a bit cooler, around 52°F/11°C. Remember, over chilling numbs a wine’s aromas and flavors.

  • How should I store Oak Leaf Vineyards wines before I drink a bottle?

    Light, heat and vibration break down wine quality. Keep purchased wines in a dark, cool place, such as a cellar, closet or even under your bed, rather than in a warm, well-lit kitchen. A constant temperature is just as important as cool temperature.

  • How should I store Oak Leaf Vineyards wines after opening?

    Once you have opened a bottle, replace the cork and refrigerate both red and white wines to keep them as fresh as possible. Take the reds out of the fridge about an hour before serving.

  • Should I refrigerate red wine after opening in order to keep it fresh?

    Enjoy Oak Leaf Vineyards wines now as aging will not improve the wines. Our winemaker, Mario Pulido, crafts Oak Leaf to be ready to be enjoyed once it leaves the winery. It is a bit of a misconception that wines get better with aging. The vast majority of wines are not built to age and will begin to deteriorate about 18 months after bottling. In general, do not age your wine unless the winery, or winemaker notes, gives a specific recommendation to do so.

  • Can I cook with Oak Leaf Vineyards wines?

    Of course! That’s the beauty of having a well-crafted wine worth twice the price. You can be generous to your recipe and still have wine for the cook.

  • Where can I find Oak Leaf Vineyards wines in my area?

    Oak Leaf Vineyards wines are available through Walmart stores. If your local Walmart does not carry Oak Leaf Vineyards, we recommend you ask the store manager to find the closest Walmart in your area that does sell Oak Leaf wines.

  • Can I purchase wines directly from the Oak Leaf Vineyards?

    Thank you for your interest, however, we currently do not sell wine to consumers over the Internet or via direct mail. If you have a specific wine you need help locating, please speak with the owner or manager of your favorite Walmart store and request the varietal that you are seeking.

  • Do Oak Leaf Vineyards wines contain sulfites?

    All grapes have a small amount of sulfites, and a minimal amount is added at the winery. No more than 300 ppm or 0.03% as allowed in wine by law.

  • Are Oak Leaf Vineyards wines gluten free?

    Gluten: Wine is not known to contain gluten, but we recommend you consult your doctor if you have a concern.

  • How long should I age my wine before I drink it?

    Oak Leaf Vineyards wines are crafted and cellared in our winery, then released ready to enjoy the day you buy it. Reds will be good for up to one year after you bring them home. Whites and roses are best served within a couple of months of purchase.

  • I am having a party. How much wine should I plan per guest?

    As a general rule, guests drink less wine at daytime parties than during evening parties. Serving suggestion is 1⁄4 bottle, approximately two glasses per guest every two hours.

  • I have heard I should let a red wine breathe. What are the guidelines?

    The best way to let any red wine breathe is to pour it into your glass (or decant it into a pitcher) and then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. If you don’t want to wait, pour your glass only half full and then swirl the wine around the glass. Swirling the wine will expose it to oxygen much quicker. The act of both pouring and swirling aerates the wine, causing it to open up and release its aromas and flavors.